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 [English] Presentation: Immortal Warhammer for the 9e Age

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Karl-Franz Holswig
Karl-Franz Holswig

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PostSubject: [English] Presentation: Immortal Warhammer for the 9e Age    Sun 25 Dec - 14:21




Greetings everyone,

Today, I have the honour to present to you the first works of the Order of the Nine-Tailed Comet on the “Immortal Warhammer for the 9th Age” project.

This project consists in taking the army books of the 9th Age and replace the names of the units by their equivalent in the Warhammer world. This is done to help former player of Warhammer Fantasy to discover the 9th Age while allowing the dedicated fan of Warhammer to continue playing their miniatures in their favourite universe.

These works are completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by the 9th Age or Games Workshop.

The army lists of Immortal Warhammer respect the official rules of the 9th Age. You can then consider these documents as a “Mod” (term used in the video game industry to refer to a nonofficial additional content created by the fans). The army lists of Immortal Warhammer are consistent with the official army lists. Thereby, you can have an alliance between the Dread Elves and the Lizardmen while using the unit names you prefer the most. You can also have Centaurs (Bestial Herds) in a Beastmen army list as these two lists are considered identical in the rules.

Do not forget that what is important is that you are free to play as you want, with the rules you want and with the background you want.
If the 9th Age rules please you and you still like the Warhammer universe, our works are done for you. Wink


You can find the Immortal Warhammer for the 9th Age documents in our "Immortal Warhammer - Project documents" division on the forum :


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh !
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[English] Presentation: Immortal Warhammer for the 9e Age
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